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No More Mr. Nice Guy: The Hero's Journey BONUS CHAPTER:
"Growing Pleasure,
Growing Pains"

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Dr. Michael Pariser, Psychotherapist, Author of No More Mr. Nice Guy: The Hero's Journey and Men's Transformational Coach
Are you ready to FINALLY make the change you’ve been putting off? If you've Enjoyed The Hero's Journey... You'll Love the FREE Gift Chapter From Dr. Michael Pariser
Are you tired of feeling frustrated with the decisions you are making in your life (and the way you make them?
let's change that

In this FREE Downloadable Chapter, you’ll discover:

  • How resistance to change is about more than being “unwilling” or “inflexible” and is deeply rooted in the physical makeup of your brain…
  • ​The easiest way to make a decision about whether to move forward (or not) using real, scientifically proven analysis that will give you the clear path for you…
  • How to easily identify the problems you face and how to quickly develop an effective solution that gets you embracing your change the right way (the one that sticks)...

PLUS! In the Special Video Interview You'll Go Hear Dr. Robert Glover (author of No More Mr. Nice Guy) Interview Dr. Michael Pariser about the following...

  • How a Bad Childhood Makes a Good Therapist
  • ​The Roadmap
  • The Hero's Journey
  • ​Embracing Your Screw-Ups
  • ​Feel Your Feelings

Dr. Robert Glover - Author of the Book "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

Are you tired of feeling frustrated with a current situation in your life?

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Sound Familiar?
It's hARD to make changes... You start with a great plan and you really mean to stick with it. But let's face it... LIFE gets in the way and then your best laid plans... 
You get the idea!
Maybe you’ve got some weight to lose but you can’t seem to kick your sweet tooth.

Maybe you’re tired of that dead-end job but you don’t know how to start looking for a new one.

Maybe you know that your relationship is in a rut but you’re not sure what to do to make it different.

Or maybe there’s something else that you’ve wanted to change for a while but you haven’t quite gotten around to it yet.

So you do nothing. You stay stuck where you are because you just don’t know how to do anything other than what you’re already doing.
This free chapter will help you take the first step toward creating that change in your life - in a way that’s lasting and withOUT feeling like you’re giving up everything you want.
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Meet Dr. Michael Pariser

I’m Michael Pariser: psychologist, author, and transformation agent. I’ve been in private practice for 20 years, working to help people find the success and happiness they’re seeking. My specialty is exploring psychological depth. I like to think of myself as a tour guide of the dark side: my passion is to get people out of their emotional black holes by climbing in with them.

In 2012, after training with Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy, I started working a lot with men who identify as compliant and people-pleasing. The idea was to help them become more assertive, rather than passive, aggressive, or worse yet, passive-aggressive. In doing so, I noticed that they had trouble identifying what they wanted and going after it.

Feeling their struggle, I worked to develop ways of helping men (and women) change their automatic, unconscious ways of relating to themselves and the world around them. The result was a program of emotional discovery that enabled them to become more aware of what they feel, what they like, and what they want. After doing that work, we found that they could make better decisions and take more effective action in their lives. 

From my experiences with those men, I wrote No More Mr. Nice Guy: The Hero’s Journey. It serves as a guide to the changes that Nice Guys need to make to become the men they’ve always wanted to be. I like to think of it as a road map to healthy, integrated masculinity.

I like to take men on their personal Hero’s Journeys. Maybe because in real life, I’m also a boat captain, I like to fancy myself a modern-day Jason and the men I help as my Argonauts. The Golden Fleece we recover becomes their new-found strength, passion, and decisiveness. 

And that’s my passion as well. To take those who want to grow towards wisdom, compassion, and assertiveness on a journey of powerful emotional transformation, after which they will never be the same again. 

This free Chapter will help you take the first step toward creating that change in your life By Fully Integrating a Better Decision Making Process Into Your life 
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